About Organisation

NaaD is a non-profit organization to foster practice and research in audio art, design and documentation in India. The organization facilitates activities in the area of sound in environmental, ethnographic and urban context, through collaborative projects, workshops and practice in field recording, archiving and creative dissemination of natural sound. Primary aim of the organization is to initiate awareness in acoustic ecology, sound pollution and conservation of auditory media and cultural resources amid rapid urbanization, industrialization and environmental change in India.

  • 1. Facilitating artistic practice in sound and related audiovisual media.
  • 2. Creating infrastructure in the artistic and design activities in sound in India.
  • 3. Developing collaborative projects in audio art, design and documentation with other art, culture and media based organizations.
  • 4. Holding workshops in nature recording, sound walks, digital audio archiving, sound mapping and creative use of environmental sound.
  • 5. Preserving and safeguarding locative sound and audiovisual heritage.
  • 6. Enabling moderated access to archival repository of natural audio content.
  • 7. Encouraging creative dissemination of archival audio materials into media produce.
  • 8. Spreading awareness in acoustic ecology, urban soundscapes and sound pollution.
  • 9. Organizing sound based locative mapping/fieldwork/research in Indian cities.
  • 10. Developing knowledge base in urban sound design.
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